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RMIC 음...


오랜만에 RMI를 할려니 기억이 가물가물(ㅜ..ㅜ)

현재 jdk 1.5를 사용하고 있는데 rmic를 통해서 컴파일 하니 스텁만 생기고 스켈레톤이 생기지 않는다.
이게 없어도 사용할 수 있단 말인가?(정확하게 모름)
옵션을 뒤져보니 대충 다음과 같다.

Usage: rmic <options> <class names>

where <options> includes:
  -keep          Do not delete intermediate generated source files
  -keepgenerated (same as "-keep")
  -v1.1          Create stubs/skeletons for 1.1 stub protocol version
  -vcompat       Create stubs/skeletons compatible with both
                           1.1 and 1.2 stub protocol versions
  -v1.2          (default) Create stubs for 1.2 stub protocol version only
  -iiop          Create stubs for IIOP. When present, <options> also includes:

                   -always           Create stubs even when they appear current
                   -alwaysgenerate   (same as "-always")
                   -nolocalstubs     Do not create stubs optimized for same proc

  -idl           Create IDL. When present, <options> also includes:

                   -noValueMethods   Do not generate methods for valuetypes
                   -always           Create IDL even when it appears current
                   -alwaysgenerate   (same as "-always")

  -g             Generate debugging info
  -nowarn        Generate no warnings
  -nowrite       Do not write compiled classes to the file system
  -verbose       Output messages about what the compiler is doing
  -classpath <path>      Specify where to find input class files
  -bootclasspath <path>  Override location of bootstrap class files
  -extdirs <path>        Override location of installed extensions
  -d <directory>         Specify where to place generated class files
  -J<runtime flag>       Pass argument to the java interpreter

그래서 다음과 같이 실행하니 스텁과 스켈레톤이 잘 생긴다.
rmic -vcompat -verbose -classpath .; package.WebReportFactoryImpl

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